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Estate Planning / Wills and Trusts

The best New York Estate Planning Attorney will tell you it's never too early for a Will or Trust. In fact, the Westchester and NYC Estate Planning Lawyers at Velella & Basso recommend that everyone plan as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, the most common question we hear is, "I'm not rich, why do I need an estate plan?" Obviously, a Will or a Trust lets you control who gets what. But, what if your family situation is straightforward, or you own everything jointly with a spouse? Nevertheless, there are three very good reasons to plan ahead.  

First, a top New York Estate Planning Attorney can save your family far more than they cost. Usually, people are shocked by how much they can save on taxes and fees with even basic planning. Second, we can help preserve senior benefits and entitlements with proper planning. Finally, an effective estate plan can clarify your intentions, preventing family fights or Will Contests.

Indeed, a Velella & Basso Estate Planning Attorney will work closely with you to understand your needs and circumstances. After all, our commitment to the individual experience lets us craft the best solutions for unique needs. Notably, we employ the best asset protection strategies, designed to minimize tax exposure and liability.

Ultimately, it pays to hire the best New York Estate Planning Attorney. Velella & Basso has been planning the future of families in NYC and Westchester since 1975. Clearly, our longevity speaks for itself. So, call us today to protect your tomorrow.

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