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The best New York Injury Lawyer knows how insurance companies think. Indeed, our NYC Injury Lawyers have worked for some of the biggest insurance companies in the world. So, a Velella & Basso injury attorney is best positioned to apply maximum pressure to carriers.

Were you injured in a slip-and-fall, motor vehicle, bike, work, or construction accident? Surely, the insurance company will reach out to you. But, do not accept an insurance company's offer without consulting a New York Injury Lawyer. In fact, you might be agreeing to far less money than your case is worth.

Usually, you'll need to file a lawsuit to be fairly compensated for your injuries. Generally, insurance companies do not give away money without a fight. Instead, they pressure victims to settle for only the cost of medical bills. Above all, insurance companies hope that badly injured people are desperate to pay bills. Never accept an offer in that condition!

Indeed, a good personal injury attorney can maximize your recovery. For example, you may get money for pain, future expenses, and lost income, in addition to your medical bills. On the other hand, a great lawyer can help with your medical bills and offset lost wages before settlement. Clearly, it pays to hire the best New York Injury Lawyer.

Velella & Basso's New York Injury Lawyers have recovered millions for injured clients. More importantly, we do not get paid unless you get paid! Call us now at (718) 931-1220, or email us to schedule a free consultation today.

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