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It Pays to Get the Best NY Police Brutality Lawyer.

False Arrest / Police Brutality / Malicious Prosecution

The best New York Police Brutality Lawyers are former prosecutors. For example, consider the NYC prosecutors-turned-Police Brutality Attorneys at Velella & Basso. Firstly, they are not afraid to take your case to trial. Secondly, they know best how some police officers abuse power. Finally, they have the respect and relationships in the criminal system to get you the money you deserve.

Recently, we have seen an increase in incidents of reported police brutality. Often, a police officer's misconduct can lead to injury, civil rights violations, or even death. Sadly, this happens all too much.

Fortunately, New Yorkers have spoken loudly: you do not have to suffer abuse at the hands of police! Now, the time has come to assert your rights and hold police officers accountable.

Once, the Police Brutality Lawyers at Velella & Basso worked for the State of New York. Now, they are committed to getting you justice for police brutality and false arrests. Indeed, our lawyers know the criminal justice system inside and out. Moreover, they are experts in best policing practices and civil rights. 

Clearly, it is crucial to hire the best New York Police Brutality Lawyers. You will want former prosecutors on your side when the going gets tough. Indeed, the attorneys at Velella & Basso can get you maximum recovery if the police mistreated you.

So, if you believe that you were mistreated by the NYPD or other New York police, we want to hear about it. We offer a free consultation. And, you pay nothing unless you get paid!

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