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It's worth hiring the best New York Probate Attorney after you've lost a loved one. First, you are not in the right mind to deal with finances when you are grieving. Secondly, the Estate can pay for your lawyer instead of you personally. Indeed, you can count on Velella & Basso's Westchester & NYC Probate Lawyers in your time of need.

On the one hand, if your loved one died in New York leaving a Will, he died “testate." Then, you must put the Will through probate. On the other hand, if your loved one died without a Will, he died “intestate." Then, you must have an administration proceeding before you can pay debts or distribute property. Either way, the probate or administration process can take years.

Further, probate and administration can cause friction among friends and family. Notably, when you become an executor in NYC or Westchester, you assume important duties. For example, you agree to keep good records, perform accounting, pay taxes, and maximize assets. Ultimately, you can be sued by heirs when you neglect those duties. So, you can see why it makes sense to have experienced counsel on your side.

Indeed, each New York Probate Attorney at Velella & Basso is experienced representing estate fiduciaries. Also, our attorneys challenge accountings or kinship, and conduct turnover and discovery proceedings. Further, we act as guardians for incapacitated or minor estate beneficiaries.

Altogether, Velella & Basso has recouped for clients millions in unknown or unclaimed funds from Public Administrators and Comptrollers. Without a doubt, we navigate the probate and administration process as well as any attorneys in New York.

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