New York extends time to sue for child sexual abuse

New York Extends Time to Sue for Child Sexual Abuse

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New York extended the time to sue for child sexual abuse, according to This is a major victory for sexual assault survivors everywhere.

New York’s Child Victims Act extends the time for child sexual abuse victims to sue. It also allows survivors to sue institutions that might be responsible for the abuse.

Before, survivors had at most five years to sue their abusers. The countdown would begin after the victim reached 18 years old. This rule was very unfair to survivors.

New York has finally realized that it’s hard for child sexual abuse victims to deal with trauma right away. Usually, survivors refuse to talk or think about abuse until they are older. But for many years, New York denied victims justice only because their claims expired.

Now, the Child Victims Act allows survivors to sue until they are 55 years old. Child sexual abuse before 2020 is still covered under the old laws. But, the new law does allow for a temporary one-year “look-back” period. In other words, victims can sue their abuser for the next year only, even if their claims expired under the old law.

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